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Relaunching IRIE in 2019

For over a decade, the International Review of Information Ethics has led the charge in exploring new frontiers of ethics and technology, such as networked toys. Having covered topics ranging from robotics to religion, IRIE has ventured some of the most thought-provoking conversations of the digital age. These types of conversations are just getting started. The editors are proud to announce that after 15 years of publication under the leadership of IRIE Founders, Editor-in-Chief, Professor Rafael Capurro, alongside Dr. Felix Weil, whose operative management of IRIE has been key to its success, alongside Professor Thomas Hausmanninger, IRIE will re-launch in 2019, hosted by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) at the University of Alberta, Canada.

The journal will undergo a new design and will adopt a renewed commitment to its editorial advisory board. The transfer of the journal will accompany the relaunch of the International Center for Information Ethics, also to be hosted at the University of Alberta under a new administration and website. The editors at IRIE consider it a privilege to have worked closely with Professor Rafael Capurro for the last two decades and wish him the very best for his well-deserved retirement. IRIE looks forward to several forthcoming editions, including a special edition honoring the life and work of Norbert Wiener, an edition on Information Ethics (IE) where a critical examination of the field of IE will address the origins and evolutions of the field, and an edition on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence.


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