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Issue No 002 (A-B)


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Editorial: International ICIE Symposium 2004
Language: English
pdf-fulltext (22 KB)

The Internet in island communities in Croatia: between government strategies and reality
by Tatjana Aparac-Jelušic
Language: English
abstract:   The question of integrating Internet into the every day life of people living in isolated areas (e.g. islands and remote rural areas) has been of particular interest to the Croatian Government. It has addressed this issue in its basic strategic and action-plan documents which aimed to improve state economy and living conditions of Croatia's citizens....
pdf-fulltext (180 KB)

"Social Information Science" - as a concept for assimilating Smart Internet Usage in a Multi-Cultural Society : The Case of Israel
by Shifra Baruchson-Arbib
Language: English
abstract:   The present paper discusses Social Information Science, an innovative field of study, which can enhance assimilation of smart internet usage in multi-cultural countries such as Israel. Social Information Science (S.I.) deals with the development ,theory and applications relating to the retrieval and processing of social and medical information...
pdf-fulltext (180 KB)

Communication ethics and the internet: intercultural and localising influencers
by Robert Beckett
Language: English
abstract:   In the information-technology powered twenty first century a general demand for more effective communication is driving people to question the present, examine the past and to prognosticate the future. The 'unique global media-information system' - the Internet- is the central fact of a vast new complexity of communication (mediated and unmediated)...
pdf-fulltext (120 KB)

On Professional Informatical Action
by Peter Bittner
Language: English
abstract:   Our patterns of thinking and acting (as "computer professionals") must be out in the open, so as to expose informatical action to criticism by the society as a whole. We are responsible for the provision of knowledge about these patterns. This article criticizes the (defining) use of the trait approach and the functional approach to "profession" in the debate...
pdf-fulltext (120 KB)

The Internet as Friend or Foe of Intellectual Freedom
by Elizabeth A. Buchanan
Language: English
abstract:   What a long strange trip the Internet has had. From its inception and use by the American military to the billions of users world-wide who log on daily, the Internet is both the promise of access to information and the peril of surveillance and a means of curtailing intellectual freedom. This paper will review this continuum, paying close attention...
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