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The Virtual World: a tension between global reach and local sensitivity
by Simon Rogerson
Language: English
abstract:   Society, its citizens and its organisations are becoming more dependent upon technology and its global application as the means of providing information and obtaining services in a virtual world. This paper considers some of issues surrounding a virtual world of global reach yet still having to be locally sensitive. It challenges current thinking and concepts...
pdf-fulltext (110 KB)

Internet AND Intention: An Infrastructure for Progressive Librarianship
by Toni Samek
Language: English
abstract:   This paper is an introduction to progressive librarianship (also known in North America as socially responsible librarianship, activist librarianship, and radical librarianship, and in Europe as critical librarianship). Progressive librarianship is contextualized within a broad international movement, with an emphasis on the United States (U.S.) cultural perspective....
pdf-fulltext (420 KB)

Contribution to Information Ethics from an antique point of view
by Philip Scherenberg
Language: English
abstract:   Of course Plato and Aristotle were not using any of our modern communication systems or media. But there was a kind of phenomena that was close to what we consider mass media entertainment nowadays: poetry. Both philosophers used mimesis as an epistemological explanation for how one can possibly understand poetry....
pdf-fulltext (120 KB)

Corruption, Transparency and a Role for ICT?
by Paul Sturges
Language: English
abstract:   Civil society’s struggle against corruption has as a major element, (alongside the enforcement of the law and structural reform of public institutions), the introduction of transparency in place of the obscurity and secrecy in which corrupt practices thrive. Various levels of corruption can be distinguished from each other. They include the wholesale corruption of...
pdf-fulltext (150 KB)

A Consideration on the Concept of Information Literacy. Is it really “necessary for all”?
by Tadashi Takenouchi
Language: English
abstract:   It is often said that information literacy is ability which is “necessary for all” living in the information society. But the concept of information literacy is quite ambiguous, and its meaning is different according to different situation. To put the discussions on information literacy in order, the concept of “information literacy” itself is analyzed....
pdf-fulltext (190 KB)

Social Aspects of Non-Proprietary Software
by Karsten Weber
Language: English
abstract:   This paper shall give a brief history of Free Software and Open Source, then shall describe the background philosophy of these social movements and the social aspects of the non-proprietary software community in more detail, and address possible problems which could arise, for instance, for public funding of non-proprietary software
pdf-fulltext (140 KB)

Localisation versus Globalisation – Claim and Reality of Mobile and Context-aware Applications of the Internet
by Klaus Wiegerling
Language: English
abstract:   In the vision of ubiquitous computing it should be possible to create situational and context-aware applications of the internet. But there is a conflict between the global claim of the system and the context-aware local application. First of all it must be clear, what context means. Is the context determined by the material local environment...
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