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Issue No 002 (H-N)


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Universalisation, Totality and ICT, or: Are there any reasons for demanding ICT-free areas?
by Jessica Heesen
Language: English
abstract:   In the following contribution we will investigate the digital divide with respect to a philosophically and ideologically founded concept of universalisation. The documents of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) show that the creation of a global information society not only concerns a technical structural transformation, but also...
pdf-fulltext (150 KB)

The Ethics of Tracing Hacker Attacks through the Machines of Innocent Persons
by Kenneth Einar Himma
Language: English
abstract:   Victims of hacker attacks are increasingly responding with a variety of “active defense” measures, including “invasive tracebacks” that are intended to identify the parties responsible for the attack by tracing its path back to its original source. The use of invasive tracebacks raise ethical issues because, in most cases, they involve...
pdf-fulltext (240 KB)

Informational Self-Determination Databases in an Intercultural Perspective
by Thomas B. Hodel and Alma Schütter
Language: English
abstract:   An Informational Self-Determination Database System allows to store, manage and query data while at the same time respecting the data subjects’ rights of information privacy. We argue that in a world of everincreasing amounts of data that are directly or indirectly related to identifiable individuals and which are being maintained by...
pdf-fulltext (570 KB)

The Ethos of the Great Bifurcation
by Wolfgang Hofkirchner and Ursula Maier-Rabler
Language: English
abstract:   In the information age ethical questions are raised about the actual course of the evolution of humankind which is now at a critical crossroad – the Great Bifurcation. Values like peace, respect for nature, justice, solidarity, freedom and equality assume greater importance. They all constitute the ethos of the Great Bifurcation....
pdf-fulltext (150 KB)

Email and Intercultural Linguistics
by Eleni Karasavvidou
Language: English
abstract:   One of the matters that seem to preoccupy all the more the researchers of ICT and the sociologists, along with the parents and teachers, is the relationship between the child and the products of new age technology, especially the internet. And the results this relationship could have in personal and social level in important institutions like family and teaching...
pdf-fulltext (190 KB)

Buzzwords and indicators about the networked society: metaphor, vacuity or fraud?
by Michel J. Menou
Language: English
abstract:   Even though the notion of an information revolution is quite old, recent years have witnessed a proliferation of expressions and measures that tend to depict a radically "new" situation. This reflects in part genuine attempts at describing, explaining and popularizing phenomena that are themselves all but understood. Behind the scene, one may detect...
pdf-fulltext (190 KB)

Privacy and Terror: Some Remarks from Historical Perspective
by Michael Nagenborg
Language: English
abstract:   In this essay I will investigate if in the discourse on different ideas of privacy the reference to the obvious abuse of personal data in totalitarian states is necessary or if we are able to debate both necessity and limits of privacy without having to refer to this extreme example. The aim is to show that the experience of terror has been fundamental for the European tradition.
pdf-fulltext (85 KB)

Self-organization in Open Source Communication Networks. Red Académica Electrónica de CLACSO -RAEC- (CLACSO’s Electronic Academic Network -EANC-) case.
by Gustavo Navarro
Language: English
abstract:   Throughout 1980 two main processes started. The first process was the creation of an area of free information exchange at a low cost and with a diversity of collaborators.

The first revolution in the Internet based on...
pdf-fulltext (150 KB)


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